Lets start with the pain level for today. A number 8 1/2 for this morning and a cramp in my ankle. This is not a good morning already. The last couple of days has been full of stress. My diabetes is all out of whack. The pills I take for the pain don’t seem to be helping at all. For me, when I stress my pain level goes up and so does my sugar.  Days like today everything seems to bother me. Right down to the sound of the fan running in the kitchen. I also get very depressed on days like this. Right now in-fact I’m fighting sleep so I can write this. Then again I’m always fighting sleep. Falling asleep is so easy for me. Sometimes I can be in a full conversation and fall asleep, no matter how important it is. Then I have times where I can’t sleep at all. Sometimes I feel no matter what I do I can’t win.

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