Mind over Matter

House speaker has been telling the American people, particularly those who are disabled that the current debt ceiling debate is just mind over matter. That is I (Speaker Beohner) don’t mind and you the American don’t matter. This is not only the position of Speaker Beohner but Majority Leader Cantor, Budget Chairman Ryan, and the TEA Party Caucus of the House.

The Republicans have repeatedly told those who are to receive Social Security Checks on August 3, Disability Checks, Our Military that they do not matter. The only ones that matter are those like the Koch brothers, Steve Forbes, Mike Bloomberg, and about 397 others who suck tax free money out of the economy and feel they have no ethical, moral, or even Christian duty to the country or the American people. As I said it is MIND OVER MATTER. They do not mind the suffering of the American People, They do not Mind the theft of resource that rightly belong to the American People, They do not mind being the cause of illness and death, they do not Mind polluting the water that the American people drink and need for life, The simple fact is that they do not mind the destruction of this Republic. Because the American People do not matter in their minds. The only thing that Matters is the increase in their power and wealth.

It is simply Mind over Matter They do not Mind because You and I do not Matter to them.

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