My Thoughts On Being a Grandmother For The First Time !!

Lets take care of this first, Pain level this morning was a 9.5. Lots of storms coming ! Pain in my feet, arms, hands, and around my waist. I was to the family doctor about a week ago and I have lots of tests to be done. A mammogram is due, fasting blood test, bone scan, and a trip to the gynecologist. I will post what they say as soon as I find out myself.

Now to the good part! My daughter tells me about 8 weeks ago that I am going to be a grandmother. She called me and asked if I would meet her for lunch. Of course knowing that we don’t spend enough time together sure it would be nice to have lunch with her. As we waited for the food to come to our table she tells me ” Momma I don’t know how to tell you this but your going to be a grandmother”. In my head I heard her but figured she was just joking. Looking at her I said ” No way your just joking and it isn’t funny”. She reaches over and pulls out a home pregnancy test that read positive. Wow I didn’t know what to say. I am very excited because this will be my fist grandchild. She is not going to find out what sex the child is until she or he is born. This is what i think the baby is going to be a girl and she will be born on November 10Th at 7:00 pm. This is wonderful, the baby will give me so many things to keep my mind busy. Of course  with a busy mind there is less pain. I wish there was a way to crochet a blanket and maybe make a hat, jacket and some booties for the baby. I don’t think I can make those things any more. When I started taken pain pills my memory started going. I know when I tried to read a book I had to read the  pages over and over. When I would get to the bottom of the page I would have to start at the top again because I couldn’t remember what I read. Maybe with the crocheting there is something I can do so I can make something for the baby. I am way to excited !!

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