Being with Great Friends !!

The pain level this morning was a 9. It was raining all day so my pain level didn’t move at all.

Its nice to have friends that when you have a problem you can call them for help and there they are for you. Now most of my friends have left me because of the RSD. They have seemed to disappeared right after I got the RSD. I always think about a reason why but can not come up with anything much. Maybe it is that I can’t do all the things I used to. I used to love to go out to bars and party. With the RSD and all the medications I am on the drinking had to stop.  I think at times that it is because they were not my friends to begin with. Maybe it was they just hung around with me because I worked with them and they figured they had to invite me. It  has also happened with my family too. I understand that I don’t have much family left but the family that I do have seemed to have left me out in the cold. I just don’t understand why ! One of the reasons that I came up with is that with the RSD they are scared about it and don’t know what to say to me about it. Its funny I will tell everyone about RSD and tell them everything on how it makes me feel and what it is like having it. Maybe that’s it …. maybe I talk to much about it. It could be that others just don’t want to know about it and I talk to much about it. I sure wish I could understand my friends and family more when it comes to me and the RSD.

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