yes It’s Been a While Again…. Sorry

pain level this morning 8 1/2. The weather is finally a little warmer….. thank goodness.

OK if your a republican you may not like what I have to say. How can you think about shutting down the government? Do you guys understand how that will hurt us that rely on disability checks. I live from check to check so as it is. I get it … so we will get it all eventually but the people that we owe the money to wont understand that and wont care. What are we to do when we are hungry and need to wash our clothes. Oh my goodness, tell me people that want to shut our government down what are we suppose to do???  The people that don’t have to depend on government checks do not have to worry about this. Just think if I told you that I was going to hold your pay check and you had nothing in the bank to fall back on. Do you think the people that you owe money to will understand? I think not !! Now more worries for me, things to think about how do I save some of the money from my next months check. I looked at it wow maybe I could save 10.00. Just think how you would feel knowing that you could only save that much in case you don’t get your next paycheck. I really wonder how many of you that want to shut down the government know how much we get in our social securitychecks. I would say we get peanuts !! To save any of it is impossible ! This is to all those that want to shut us down  

                                                              KISS MY AMERICAN ASS !!!!!!!!

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