Done With Snow and the Cold

Pain level this morning was a 9.

Ok that’s it I’m so done with all the snow and the cold. The pain and the cramping is unreal. This year its storm after storm. The cold goes right through me and makes me cramp up. No matter how much I cover up the top half of me the cold seems to still get in. With the RSD in my feet there is no way of covering them because even a little air movement hurts. I cant wear socks or cover them with a light blanket. So the cold is always hitting them. The only thing that I have found to wear on my feet when I go out is men’s bedroom slippers. They have to be men’s because they do not make women bedroom slippers big enough.  Even the bedroom slippers hurt but what do I do. I have tried so many different things on my feet.  Yes many people stare when I go to a store. They are probably thinking, wow that one just got out of bed and didn’t even change her shoes. She must be very lazy. If there is anyone out there that has a ideal for me on what I can try to wear on my feet please let me know and I will try it.

thanks vicki

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