Ashley My Home Health Care Provider

Today’s pain level was a 9.5 when i woke. I had a ruff night. Right now my pain level is at a 9 but there is another storm coming.

  Let me tell you about my Ashley. She is my care provider. She is here 29 hours a week helping me with different things. Things like the wash, shopping, making me food and making sure i am taking my pills and the right ones.  There are so many other things Ashley does for me. 

We met through my daughter.  They were best friends since high school. We took my daughter and Ashley out for my daughters birthday. That is where I asked her if she needed a job.  She had a job at the time but needed more hours. I explained what the job was and told her to think about it. Shortly after that night she took the job. We have become more that just boss and employee we have become good friends.  When we work together we complement each other. What she does not remember I do and what I don’t remember she does.  Ashley understands my moods and that is very important. When I am in lots of pain she knows how to keep my mind busy and how to get me to think of other things other than the pain. Thinking she can do that 98.5 percent of the time. There are those days where there is nothing any body can do for it.  Now understand that I always have pain no matter what, but thinking of other things helps. Ashley and I also feel the same about the things that relate to RSD. We both are hoping for a cure. We hope that it comes fast. We also feel the same about people that are not hadicap that use the hadicap parking places. Maybe some day those people will understand how hard it is for people with handicap to find a parking place.  I know there are many other things but my mind is just not thinking right. I really don’t know what I would do without her.

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