Handicap Parking and the Snow

The morning pain level 9.5. It has snowed a few hours. Thinking there is about 3 to 4 inches on the ground. No wonder I have a high pain level. Sleep was a little bit here and there.

Ok lets talk about handicap parking. Everyone knows the signs. They are blue and have stick figure of a person in a wheelchair. Or at least that is how they look in Pennsylvania. It really makes me angry when people use the handicap parking spaces when they are not handicapped. Don’t they realize when they use the parking spaces I or someone else that is handicapped cant park there. Don’t they understand that if we are in a wheelchair and it is hard for us to get to the door if they park there I cant do my shopping. Sometimes I think that people just don’t care. They figure I’m running in for a minute or so. As they get into the store they might see something that they forgot they needed pick it up and put it in their cart. Then its oh no I forgot I also need this and its all the way in the back of the store, pick it up put it in their cart. Then its while I’m back here, I need this and that. How many times have you gone to a store and said to yourself, only going to pick up two things and end up picking up a cart full. There is also the case of, oh I have only about 5 minutes to spend in this store and end up coming out 30 mins later. Of course there I am driving around the parking lot looking for some where to park. Cant you understand that I have shopping to do too or maybe I have pills to pick up. In parking lots in Pennsylvania there should be 1 handicap car parking space per 25 regular parking spaces. There should also be 1 handicap van parking space per 6 regular parking spaces or fewer. The place that I found this info is http://www.ehow.com/list_6510541_pennsylvania-handicap-parking-regulations.html

I get really upset when I go shopping and I see a car in a handicap parking place without a handicap carplac or a handicap license plate. What I have thought about doing is parking behind that person not letting them leave and calling the police. Or sending some one that is with me into the store and letting the store handle it. Do you understand if the police come you could get a ticket up to 200 dollars. So watch out people that park illegal in handicap parking spaces. You never know when I am in a mood, you could be the one that makes me angry enough to do this!!

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