Three oclock in the Morning

Its 3 oclock in the morning and no sleep in sight. The snow is coming down and we got about 4 inches. My pain level is off the page. If I knew that going to the hospital would help with the pain I would leave right now and go. The problem is that the hospital cant do anything for me because of all the pain medication I am already taking. Oh how I wish there was somthing i could do to take this pain away. I know that it sounds like I’m just wining and that i should suck it up and get over it. When I get pain like this all there is to do is cry. Right now the tears wont fall I have used them all up.

Im not sure when i wrote this and i just saw it now. I am posting it now so you know a little about what its like when i wake early in the morning with lots of pain. I think it could have been 1/26/11.

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