Out To Dinner

When I woke this morning my pain level was a 8.5.

Last night we went to a restaurant and stayed for about 45 min had drinks and left. It was our fist time there. The place was nice inside and the staff were nice enough. When we looked at the menu there was nothing on it that we wanted to eat. It was also very expensive. If I was by myself I would have never left after having a drink. That’s not like me to do something like that. After talking with David we decided to leave and try somewhere else. I didn’t tell him until later that it took everything for me to leave the restaurant like that. We talked about other places to eat around the area. I had to go somewhere close because it was cold outside and I was having pain in my feet.  After thinking about it, we decided to try another place we had never tried before again. You would think we would have learned the first time. But we went a little down the road to another restaurant. When we walked into this place, we could tell that we were going to like it. The menu was the kind of food we wanted and the prices were a little better. The food came out like it was suppose to. The hot food was on hot plates and the cold food came out on cold plate. In our book that is a very good start. The food was outstanding ! It was a very good time. On the way home my feet pain level got to a 9.5.  I think this happened because of the cold. Good thing we were very close to home.

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